Our Mission

Bridging the World

Our company aims to serve as a bridge between Japan Taiwan and the world through the movement of goods, fostering connections and cultural exchange across borders to build a better future. Our mission is to facilitate interactions between people and cultures, fostering greater unity and mutual understanding globally.

Our Policy

Employee First, Family First

Our company believes that true happiness for individuals arises when health and economy intersect. Therefore, we strive to protect the lives of our employees and ensure they can safeguard their families and personal lives. By fulfilling this mission, we aim to fulfill the responsibility entrusted to all companies and managers and contribute to society.

Action Today, Results Tomorrow

Even with intentions to procrastinate tasks often remain incomplete by the end of the day. 
In a life of finite time and a swiftly changing world, "tomorrow" is "now."

We hold a steadfast belief in valuing the present moment and taking action.
By giving our best efforts in the present, without delay or procrastination, we build sustained success. 
Through proactive action and prompt decision-making, we maximize the potential of the present and shape the future.

Think Civility

We prioritize CIVILITY as our utmost value and endeavor to never forget its importance in all relationships. 
Within the realm of civility, we particularly emphasize the three elements of language, attitude, and responsiveness. 
We strive to maintain courteous behavior at all times, whether interacting with customers, partners, employees, or society as a whole. 
We believe this commitment to etiquette is fundamental to our business, essential for building trust and respect.

Our Values

Listening and Actionability

We listen to the voices of our customers and partners, and translate them into concrete actions to foster innovation and deliver solutions that exceed expectations.

Our Team

We closely collaborate with local employees and partner companies, consistently updating ourselves on market conditions between Japan and foreign countries.


Utilizing the unique strengths of our local employees, we extend our reach beyond major supermarkets to deliver products to local customers that may otherwise be difficult for ordinary foreign companies to reach.