Message from CEO

Thank you very much for visiting our website.

Let me introduce a bit about myself.
I used to study in the Bay Area, California, U.S.A. after graduating from high school.
In U.S.A., I had a priceless experience of cultural exchanging more than studying at college, and also got to know that Japanese products contributed to people's lives outside Japan. That was my turning point to start being interested in international trading.
"I'd like to start-up the trading company to explore unknown Japanese products and export!!"
After I made a resolve, I started my carrier with a customs broker, heavy industrial maker,  and trading company so that I grew myself as an expert on an international and domestic trader.
After building my career, I had a chance to discuss with my old Taiwanese friend and decided to launch the trading company together.
I set up the HQ in Yokohama and he was in charge of the branch manager in Taiwan, that's the birth of Wain 99 Trading LLC.
In Asian culture, there is an idiom;
"Alcohol is like the lubricating oil of relationship"
I believe that may fit any cultures which accept alcohol.
Sake is known as the Japanese most common alcohol, but we also have shochu, wine, liqueur, spirits, and whiskey with high quality and evaluation.
As of 2020, there are abt. 1,400 sake breweries and distilleries, and 300 wineries in Japan.
Would you like to know more mysterious and potential unknown items?
That's what we'd like to provide to customers!
We are like a bridge between Japan and your country.
This is the motto of us.
we will do full commitment to our business so that it can produce great results and trigger challenges for as many people as possible, and so that people around the world can enjoy something never experienced.
 Regardless of nationality, we would be grateful if many people would sympathize with our thoughts and cooperate with us.

Wain 99 Trading Limited Liability Company
CEO Yusuke Inoue