Welcome to the website of Wain 99 Trading LLC.

Wain 99 is the trading company launched on May 13th, 2019 by Japanese and Taiwanese for a new era. 
Exporting various Japanese alcohol products all over the world.

Why our name is Wain 99 ( not wine)?

Wa(和)means Japan and harmony, In(飲) means to drink or beverages.
A number of 9 refers to eternity in Asian cultures. In addition, the pronunciation of 9 in Chinese is JiǔJiǔ which is a similar sound during chugging.
Therefore we named ourselves to make a wish for the contribution of harmony through products.

Japanese sake

Made in Japan to the World

If you are looking for Made in Japan products, we are the best.

Our Philosophy

We approach our business with principles and beliefs.

Our Services

  • Exporting-Importing Alcoholic, soft drink beverages and food
  •  Distributing, Retailing and Online selling 
  • Wholesales of other kinds of products

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